Bikes Worked on


Kawasaki VN1500

Start of the project this is what the VN looked like, quite a nice example of the standard model


Start of the project was to replace the standard exhaust pipes with some 2 inch stainless steel pipes.

The new pipes followed the original exhaust pipe route.


This now started the process of changing the overall look of the bike, the rear shocks were shortened and the seat and mudguard reworked to suit the new lower look.

A detachable rack was fabricated to carry the camping gear.

Rack mounts and rear indicators are hidden but still work.

A side mount number plate was thrown in for good measure.


The front was the next to get slimmed down and tidied up.

New bars and risers.


Speedo remounted and new idiot lights manufactured to blend in with the mount.

Finished bike was painted by Banged Up Paintwork.

c/o HMP

Seat recovered by Simtrim www.simtrim.co.uk




The end result is a nice usable custom.

Featured in issue 90 of 100% Biker